This is a good spot to drop a quick note or ask for help. If you are in a bad mood, this isn't the right spot to drop feelings. Thanks for understanding!
FordRodnKustom: January A,R,E is open! Jan 1, 2021 14:44:44 GMT -5
krassandbernie: Do you guys even check the 'recent threads' or 'recent posts' buttons down at the bottom of the main page? Jan 5, 2021 15:42:37 GMT -5
Mark Moore: I just tend to click on the sections with a new post myself. Jan 5, 2021 18:26:23 GMT -5
krassandbernie: There was notifications in the 'Resin' section to indicate a new post(s); but no one has seen the several latest posts I made there. Jan 5, 2021 18:33:56 GMT -5
krassandbernie: You guys missing the other posts I've made in the 'resin' section? I see a couple of you have spotted the Fordor sedan builds by customers I posted; but missed the others. Jan 6, 2021 13:48:16 GMT -5
RodBurNeR: I check recent posts Jan 6, 2021 15:11:17 GMT -5
superflekmoonbird: Thanks Paul...they look good. Air temp may be part of it...for comparison some rattle cans (Tamiya) mention 50 degree F and above, Testors Lacquer says 70 degrees.. Jan 24, 2021 18:22:09 GMT -5
Koolkat: The new issue! Apr 17, 2021 14:01:53 GMT -5
RodBurNeR: heck yeah ordered mine! Apr 25, 2021 23:03:19 GMT -5
FordRodnKustom: June A,R,E, is open! May 31, 2021 22:33:28 GMT -5
spex84: Hey folks, how the heck do I change my password on here?? Jun 8, 2021 13:30:09 GMT -5
spex84: NM, found it. Thanks anyway! Jun 8, 2021 14:42:40 GMT -5
Bernard Kron: Has anyone heard from Ron Savoie (FordRodnCustom)? Aug 28, 2021 19:24:18 GMT -5
RodBurNeR: hmmmm no I will check on him Aug 29, 2021 0:25:28 GMT -5
RodBurNeR: last time he logged in here or dpmcc was July 9th. I am getting concerned , his Facebook has nothing on it. I sent him a text message, it's late but I want to know if he's ok. Aug 29, 2021 1:33:03 GMT -5
Kit Karson: RIP Ronald Robert Savoie Aug 29, 2021 15:07:48 GMT -5
mrmetallic: good to see some additional activity in the bench section. Jump in everyone! Sept 9, 2021 7:00:10 GMT -5
RodBurNeR: yeah it's nice to see ! I just dusted a few more builds off , dang it's hard to get them out and dust them off lol Sept 18, 2021 22:26:21 GMT -5
krassandbernie: Has the economy tanked enough to cripple everyone already? I'm down to just 11 orders this month when I am use to clearing around 50 by the end of each month. I'm certain I won't be making that up before November starts! Oct 19, 2021 0:16:44 GMT -5
RodBurNeR: certainly isn't the best Ed, still trying to get to the point of buying something once in awhile lol Oct 19, 2021 15:02:53 GMT -5